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CAEP Committee on International Accreditation


The purpose of the committee is to serve as an advisory group to the CAEP President regarding policies, procedures, and priorities related to international activities. The charges of the committee are seven-fold:

  1. Deliberate and make recommendations on appropriate modifications of CAEP standards and procedures for demonstrating that CAEP standards are being met and for conducting accreditation visits responsive to institutional and global contexts.
  2. Deliberate and make recommendations about appropriate CAEP policies for actions that develop partnerships and work with individual institutions internationally.
  3. Make recommendations regarding approvals of partnership agreements with international institutions.
  4. Make recommendations regarding procedural modifications or process refinements to support accreditation of and partnership with international institutions.
  5. Assist in the development of a business plan for the current NCATE/TEAC components of international activities under the umbrella of CAEP.
  6. Review and provide feedback on status/annual reports as developments warrant.
  7. Learn from each other to inform the policies and procedures of CAEP.

Committee Members

Tina Marshall-Bradley, chair, is Vice Provost at Paine College (GA). Dr. Marshall-Bradley serves on the Unit Accreditation Board (UAB) for NCATE. Dr. Marshall-Bradley was staff at the SC Department of Education at one time. She chaired the last IRTE (International Recognition in Teacher Education) visit to United Arab Emirates University and has other international experience.

Ron Colbert. Dr. Colbert is a faculty member at Fitchburg State University (MA). He serves on the Specialty Areas Studies Board (SASB). Dr. Colbert has served as Board of Examiners (BOE) visiting team chair. Dr. Colbert has been very active in the national program review process with ACEI and coordinated the ACEI review process at one time.

Pauletta Bracy. Dr. Bracy manages the accreditation activities at North Carolina Central University (an HBCU). She previously represented ALA on the UAB and Executive Board. She chaired the Executive Board one year and chaired the Finance, Personnel, and Management Committee. Dr. Bracy is currently on the board of the Association of Specialized and Professional Associations (ASPA) as the faculty representative. She served on an IRTE team to Qatar University last year.

Carol Vukelich. Dr. Vukelich is a Director of Teacher Education and has coordinated the NCATE accreditation activities at the University of Delaware for several cycles. Dr. Vukelich formerly chaired BOE teams, chaired the AACTE Committee that oversees accreditation work, and served on NCATE's Executive Board. Dr. Vukelich has worked extensively with institutions in the Middle East preparing for accreditation through the IRTE process. She served on the first team to UAE University.

Jerry Bailey. Dr. Bailey is the Director of the Institute for Educational Research and Public Service, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, and is responsible for accreditation activities at the University of Kansas. He also serves actively as a special consultant to the Chancellor. Dr. Bailey is currently a member of the BOE and continues to chair teams. He has been working with a number of universities in the Middle East over the past few years.

Nicholas Michelli. Dr. Michelli is a former member of the BOE and UAB. He was the Dean of Montclair State University for 25 years as well as the Dean of teacher Education for the City University of New York as many of its 23 colleges prepared for NCATE accreditation. Dr. Michelli is currently working in the UAE as a consultant with Zayed University in preparation for an NCATE accreditation visit in Fall 2013.

Bethany Jones. Dr. Jones is a former Dean and Provost and currently the President of the Center for Quality Assurance in International Education. One of her primary areas of responsibility is with the International Recognition of Teacher Education (IRTE) process that guides international teacher education institutions through a process of program recognition. Dr. Jones is actively involved with institutions in the Middle East as well as South America.

Donald Freeman. Dr. Freeman is a faculty member of the University of Michigan with extensive experience in Europe and Asia. He was formerly the dean of the Department of Language Teacher Education and director of the Center for Teacher Education, Training, and Research, at the Graduate School for International Training in Vermont.

Mark LaCelle-Peterson. Dr. LaCelle-Peterson is the president of the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). He serves as the staff consultant to the committee on the international work of TEAC.

Deborah Eldridge. Dr. Eldridge is the Senior Vice President of NCATE. She serves as the staff consultant to the committee on the international work of NCATE.

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